Good on Paper is getting one last polish to make sure it aligns perfectly with Bad on Film. Then it's off on submission to agents. It's terrifying, but I'm ready to see this process through! 



After dumping her cheating fiancé, Marin swears she no longer believes in love, but her next romance novel is due now. To write her next book and save her dad's house, she "borrows" her new boyfriend's personal life as fodder for her novel. But when he discovers that she's been using him, will it be so easy to let go of what she thought was a fling?



I loved every writing-focused moment of the hectic, life-altering six years (!!!) it took me to complete Bad on Film. A lot happened between the start and finish--in the book and in my own life--including births and deaths, successes and failures, laughter and tears. I'm working on whittling this book into a tight, compelling whole that captures how much it will always mean to me.



She's always been used to her parents' famous love story, but Marin finds her own relationship's notoriety unsettling. After learning to roll with punch of the camera flash, tragedy pushes her to run. Marin is stronger than she realizes. Unfortunately, she's about to see for herself.



The first draft is playtime, when I can keep the right perspective. I follow a loose outline, but leave plenty of room for surprises to drop onto the page. Uncovering a story is magical. As long as I keep my perfectionism at bay, first-draft time is as exhilarating as falling in love.



Desi has had it with her husband Bishop. Instead of working on the degree she's been financing, he secretly squandered their savings trying to build a music career. Bishop's experiment has jeopardized her struggling nonprofit for nothing; his music is a flop. Until, that is, he releases an old duet with Desi that drags her into his scheme and rips open old family wounds. Bishop's lie leads to a recording contract, a reality TV show, and a hefty payout, if she can force herself to play along. Can she convince America that she's in love with the man who stole her money and shattered her trust long enough to save her dream business? Or will she find that she's been chasing the wrong dream?