This time last year, I was gearing up to move to Denver and building this gratitude habit. Then we got to Denver and I never really picked it back up formally. Despite (or maybe due to) being in the middle of my craziest time at work, I keep having the urge to document life here for myself. So here comes my first gratitude journal post of 2019 and as a Colorado resident.


  1. The house I love in the neighborhood sold. I kind of needed the dream of me owning that place to end so I can have peace about staying put for another year.

  2. The house I live in right now! It’s the cutest of all time. It’s not mine for keeps, but we love each other. I’m going to soak up the fact that I get to call it home for the foreseeable future.

  3. Motivation to pick up my gratitude practice. It sounds so phony or hokey, but for me, finding some small, unique joy in each day is magical.



Not to worry about the future. To enjoy the whole day, exactly where I am, exactly as it is.

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