This is not my kid...but the attitude is the same.

This is not my kid...but the attitude is the same.

We're in the middle of our last month in Texas, so life has gotten crazy. It's also a busy time at work, which means sleep is limited and so is time to devote to anything outside of kids, packing, and my job. Despite this, I am super grateful that we're starting a new adventure soon and that our last weeks in Texas have been meaningful. I don't have much to add, but thought I'd record some of the cuter things the kids have said this week so I don't forget them.

Juliet (while pretending to be chased by house cats with our babysitter's daughter): Don't worry, Livi, it's just a tiger.

Nicholas continually bemoans the fact that we traded our tiny Hyundai Elantra for a Toyota Highlander. He can now stand up and walk around in the backseat, not to mention see out the windows, but he still says regularly: "I miss my gray car. I'm sad the purple car." I love the way he leaves out key words like "about" or whatever. Just so cute.

They're the sweetest kids. 

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