good on paper

Marin Beckett had almost been British. A boating accident cost her dad his parents and his childhood in Seasalter, Kent, but he’d returned with his American wife to give their small daughter the coastal English upbringing he had missed. Marin spent her earliest years chasing Tennyson’s sea fairies through rainbows in the sand, cloaked in the security of her parents’ steadfast love. It is this love that rescues her dad when his panic disorder overwhelms him and pushes them out of his childhood home again—a love that becomes famous when he publishes a bestselling memoir in tribute to his wife.

Twenty-five years later, her parents’ celebrated marriage is history, her dad's mental illness locks him inside his house, and Marin pays his bills and her own by writing romance novels. But she’s no hopeless romantic. Her college-professor fiancé always joked that Marin keeps love locked up in books, and this was before she caught him tutoring a student in their bed. Now, with an overdue novel and a serious distaste for romance, Marin begins to consider that he might have been right. Maybe growing up inside one of literature’s most beautiful love stories, only to watch it end in reality’s ugliest split, has permanently damaged her ability to commit.

When her dad needs to sell the vacant house in England to keep the home he’s sequestered himself in since his bitter divorce, Marin takes herself to Seasalter. Part writing retreat, part real-estate deal, part quest to untangle her present from the past, Marin is determined to put her life right. But is she ready to open up to love?

Bits of Good on Paper need to be reworked to align with its sequel. I’m revising now and will be pursuing publication in the next few months. The earlier version garnered some great interest from a few agents, but I’m interested in independent publishing, too. Who knows?

Good on Paper

Tracking the Journey from Unformed Idea to Finished Book