folk + lore

I’m working on the rough draft of my third novel, tentatively titled Folk + Lore. My story is centered around Desi Shaw, a soon-to-be divorced social worker whose startup nonprofit is about to bite the dust. When a YouTube video of Desi and her husband giving a tipsy yet gorgeous performance of his original song goes viral, they're catapulted to internet fame—together. Radio stations, concert festivals, and country music's biggest stars clamor for more from Desi and Bishop. It's all a crazy joke to her, until a legendary producer offers them a recording contract and a pile of cash. 

Desi wants to forget it all: the song, the husband, and any link to the music industry. She spent her youth on the road, dragged from one honkey-tonk bar to another as her mom strained toward stardom. Years of disappointment and drinking caused her mother's dreams to fizzle, along with her relationship with her daughter. As a result, Desi has a pretty sour attitude toward country music, the entertainment business, and anything that reminds her of her unstable childhood.

Being a country music starlet could finance her struggling nonprofit, but it forces her into a new partnership with Bishop in a world she’s been trying to outrun for years. To move forward, she’ll have to face her prejudices—and the mother who helped shape them.

First draft time! The blank page can be stressful, but the first draft is all about playing on the page. I love seeing the story come together and getting so into the details that I forget it’s all pretend.

Folk + Lore

Tracking the Journey from Unformed Idea to Finished Book