FirstDraft60 - Day 3

Thanks to my NaNoWriMo fail in 2013, I'm a little ahead on the Story Bible assignment, as noted in the post from yesterday. This is good, because I'm still a little behind on the FirstDraft60 challenge!

I added in the sections Kaye describes in her post for Day 3. They were really helpful, especially the props/costumes idea (filed under the Plot and Organization tab). That's not something I've done before in such an organized way, but definitely important, even in a contemporary novel.

My plot/costumes and settings pages are completely blank and uninteresting, but here's a quick screenshot of my characters tab, with details of Jalen's page. Full disclosure: Jalen is the only character with anything meaningful in the description as yet.

So far I'm having a lot of fun with this challenge. Jalen's story is growing on me. I can see it taking (a somewhat amorphous) shape and it's pretty exciting. Plus, I got to name a ton of characters tonight--my favorite thing!