FirstDraft60 - Day 2

Day Two's assignment was to set up our revisions notebook, style sheet, and research repository for the novels we'll be working on for the next two months. Kaye suggests many tools for doing this, but I've always used OneNote for this and it works well for me. Turns out Kaye uses it, too. I'm in good company.

When I opened OneNote I found that I'd actually set up a whole project notebook for One Step Forward, Two-Step Back (it's appallingly long, but that's what I'm calling my book for now). To hammer home how much I've been dragging my feet on moving forward with writing, please note the date that this notebook was created: November 2013. That's right, it was my 2013 NaNoWriMo project, which I worked on for six days until an earlier version of Good on Paper was rejected by an agent who was considering the full manuscript. Cue paralysis and the certainty that I was destined to fail. Blech. I should start a whole notebook for tips on thickening my fragile skin!

Anyway, I added Kaye's suggested pages into my existing notebook and restructured it all a bit. Here are my screenshots of my notebook for Two-Step:

The Plot Notes + Brainstorming section is a good example of how I think through a book when I'm getting the initial idea in place. I basically just puke my thoughts onto the page. There are a lot of "what if..." and "maybe she..." phrases. It's a mess. But it works for me.

And here's a section of my notebook that I'll have some fun with:

This Inspiration section will house images for reference, the playlist I write to (really important for this country music-themed book), etc. It also contains what I call a Worry Dump, which is a page I can barf all my insecurities about how bad the first draft is when they're getting in the way of writing. I used one for Bad on Film and it was really helpful. I'd been polishing Good on Paper for a long time, so reverting to the first draft mentality with its sequel was tricky. The Worry Dump helped me get rid of the nervous energy and left me more focused on my real work.

So my Two-Step notebook is off to a good start. I'm looking forward to cramming it full in the next two months!