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When I finished the first draft of Good on Paper, I took the advice of Stephen King in his memoir/manual On Writing and began a new book right away. That book is Bad on Film, and it’s the sequel to Good on Paper.

Sometimes people ask me why I wrote a sequel to a book that I haven’t even published yet. The answer? I wanted to see what happens next! I’ve always known where Marin’s story is going, but even I didn’t know how she'd get there. I wanted the fun of writing her through to the end of her journey—at least, the end of the journey that is shared on paper.

Bad on Film picks up a couple years after the conclusion of Good on Paper, and revisits many of the settings and characters in the first book. This time around, Marin is exploring the different shades that fame takes in modern culture, and the layers of fact and fiction that make up our identities.

The first draft of Bad on Film is finished, and I’m crazy about it even though it is so rough. Right now I’m letting it breathe while I write my third book, Folk + Lore.

Bad on Film

Tracking the Journey from Unformed Idea to Finished Book