Novels I can write. Captions, not so much. 

Fortunately laughing at myself is one of the things I do best. Don't feel sorry for me, I laugh at other people, too.

But not people who trip and fall. That's just rude.

About Sarah Madelin
(if that's her real name)

It's not, I told you. I made it up. But here are a few true things.

  • I've been writing stories since I learned the alphabet.
  • In sixth grade, I asked for an electric typewriter for Christmas. It was country blue. I loved to type into the memory and let it auto-type the words as fast as possible.
  • What do you mean, was I always such a nerd?
  • Yes. The answer is yes.

Three more truths, and one shiny white lie.

  • I subsist mostly on cereal. The kind with cartoon mascots.
  • I feel guilty about it. (This is more of a half-truth.)
  • I'm learning to feed my twin toddlers. It is not easy for me. Fortunately they are good eaters who tolerate my attempts.
  • Okay, they're all truths. I feel guilty by nature. Ironic, because I am innocent and pure.
  • What do you mean, is that last part the lie?
  • Yes. Sigh. The answer is yes.